About Preserva

Preserva AB started in 2012 and is owned by a number of people with very extensive competence in digital preservation. The company is a result of research and development carried out at Luleå University of Technology. This, in connection to our experience from a number of companies, makes us among the leading actors in the area in Sweden.

In short time has a number of significant authorities and municipalities with large web sites become our customers. Welcome to contact us, for references.

About the name Preserva

Preserva stems of course from the word preserve. But the name can also be divided in two parts; ”Pre” as in before, and ”Serva” offer a service.

These two concepts are important for us at Preserva. The concept “pre” because digital preservation requires pro-activity, taking decisions and measures early in the process, thereby ensuring best possible preservation conditions. And ”serva” since this is our mission, provide service to our customers in a professional and personal way.

~ Conny, Frode, Ingemar & Jörgen ~