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Service developed in collaboration with the National Archives of Sweden120_webbarkivering

Preserva can, as sole provider, offer a service that is developed in collaboration with the National Archives of Sweden. The service is based on a framework for electronic archives originally developed by NASA. The CAST service is completely compatible with international standards.

Easy to get started

All that is needed in order to start up archiving is a web address. Before the archiving the CAST tool carries out a control of the website, checking for viruses, eventual link problems and file formats, something that assures that you can be sure that no material with errors is stored (archived?).

This also constitutes a good control of the site, and is useful in the continuous development. The archive itself is stored in a safe cloud service. It is also easy to access the stored material by logging in from any web reader anywhere, since no installation of any software is needed.

Flexible service – choose what to preserve

Before every archiving an ingest profile is created, where you as our customer decide what to include in the archived version. This profile can also be modified in future archiving.

Secure and “future compatible”

We guarantee a solution with highest possible security and integrity protection. The risk of losing any material, or the risk of the material falling into irresponsible hands is non-existent. Further, CAST is developed on open standards, which imply that the service is well adapted to meet future needs.

Physical storage in Sweden

Preserva’s CAST service is developed in Sweden for Swedish conditions and regulations. The material is also stored on servers that are located in Sweden.

Choose scope and frequency

Before every data ingest, a specific profile is designed to decide the scope of the archiving. This is done in collaboration with you as the customer. Then you decide whether to do one single archiving or whether Preserva should conduct ingest of your website on regular basis, or when needed.

Summing up the advantages:

  • Preserva is bransch leading in the area of web site archiving
  • Efficient processes thar build on cloud services
  • No installation needed
  • All physical storage in Sweden
  • Our archival packages (Archival Informaion Package, AIP) are approved for delivery to the Swedish National Archives
  • We collect your web site through the Internet, which mean that you are not taking any risks
  • With our effective and efficient tool, we offer a low cost solution

Choose also:

Analysis and quality check

We also offer analysis and quality check of the web site, with emphasis on securing the web site for the future. Eventual functional and link problems are noted, and you will receive a protocol with our recommendations.

Packaging for delivery to the National Archives or other archives

Preserva also offers the service of packaging and delivering to the National Archives or any other archives, in accordance with their specifications.

Example of our customer interface for information, control and delivery:

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